Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)

We live like lions, we live our lives
With no more husbands,
No more wives,
We let our children multiply ’cause we’re afraid of dying.



// Ben Shahn, 1954. Tempera on composition board, 72 x 24 inches, the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Turn the Beat Around

// Warren Schatz, RCA Producer recalled that “the song was recorded on a Friday after a very depressing week of rain [and] I hated [the track]! I listened to it in my office and I just couldn’t get it. It had been such a bad week that I just couldn’t hear anything with an open mind.” Vicki Sue Robinson’s Turn the Beat Around went on to #10 on the Billboard pop charts and #73 on the soul chart. Robinson received a grammy nomination for best female pop vocal.


“Any journey begins with unburdening yourself of fear in order to cross the threshold into the unknown.”

// Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson’s video “Easternsports” (2014), a commission of the ICA Philadelphia, now at The Whitney Museum


Never forget the power of an 80s basement, electro swing, and dance moves. Oh, and YouTube.

// TSC – Forsyth dancing to Parov Stelar’s Catgroove. Also featured in Hito Steyerl’s “Factory of the Sun” at The Whitney Museum’s “Dreamlands”

It's no easy business to be simple.
Gustave Flaubert