A self-taught coder, Will Nathan was one of the first 25 engineers at BuzzFeed, where he programmed native advertising and analytical tools for cat video editors. After BuzzFeed, he co-founded the interior design startup Homepolish, which has grown to 75 employees and over a million Instagram followers. Will started his career with a B.S. in Mathematical Economics and as an investment banker in San Francisco, where he worked on $1BN of technology mergers & acquisitions. He is currently the founder of Bisbee-based Object Limited (a shoppable hotel), Chairman of The Current Museum (a non-profit institution devoted to examining technology’s impact on our lives through art), and a General Partner at Trail Mix Ventures (investing in early-stage wellness and ‘future of work’ startups).

He’s been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Racked, and Nylon Guys. For a hot second he turned BuzzFeed’s homepage into a time machine. Watch him on Fox Business, Bloomberg, talk about digital art at Google, and be voted “Out” by 70% of viewers on CNBC’s Power Pitch. Listen to him speak for a while on a Venture for America podcast about his path.