Turn the Beat Around

// Warren Schatz, RCA Producer recalled that “the song was recorded on a Friday after a very depressing week of rain [and] I hated [the track]! I listened to it in my office and I just couldn’t get it. It had been such a bad week that I just couldn’t hear anything with an open mind.” Vicki Sue Robinson’s Turn the Beat Around went on to #10 on the Billboard pop charts and #73 on the soul chart. Robinson received a grammy nomination for best female pop vocal.

Overture to Candide

Bernstein on Voltaire: “Optimism, as a strict belief, breeds complacency, induces lethargy, inhibits the human power to change, to progress, to rise against injustice, or to create anything that might contribute to a genuinely better world.”

// New York Philharmonic, Composed & Conducted by Leonard Bernstein